ELISAs have just been made easy. By using Leinco Technologies' ELISA Development Kits, every scientist can ensure accurate research data. We provide all the necessary components to successfully complete your ELISA. All proteins, antibodies, TMB Substrate, and our UltraAvidin™ – HRPO are designed to work together so that you can rely on the results of your assay. We take pride in our products and have always striven to provide the highest quality antibodies and proteins to our customers. We want your research to be successful by using our ELISA Kits and other life science reagents. With Leinco's products you can guarantee your success.

  • Use with cell culture supernatant or serum samples. Customize the assay to meet your specific needs.

  • Calibrated standards provide consistent results.

  •   Compared with separately purchasing antibodies and calibrators.

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