Flow Cytometry Reagents

FACS Antibodies, Sheath Fluid, and Flow Cytometry Support Tools

Leinco understands that quality and price are priorities for a researcher regardless of their intended application. Our flow cytometry antibodies have been developed and produced to exceed all expectations. Antibodies that specifically bind to intracellular antigens or cell surface receptors can be tagged with a variety of fluorescent dyes to allow multicolor analysis of cellular subsets. We offer all of the following reporter molecules: biotin-, FITC-, R-PE-, APC- and PerCP, and we now offer the DyLights®.

Check out our new DyLight® organic dyes by Thermo Fisher Scientific which were developed for fluorescent labeling of antibodies. Antibodies labeled with the DyLight® organic dye can be used for cellular imaging. The DyLight® dye’s main advantage is its ability to be used for 4-color flow cytometry and its resistance to photobleaching.

Leinco Technologies also offers a perfectly engineered Easy-Lyse™ Whole Blood Erythrocyte Kit which has been designed to gently lyse erythrocytes while maintaining exquisite populations of leukocytes. Check out product number K104 or K117 for more information.

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