SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers

SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers used in Flow Cytometry

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C2446 Anti-Human CD3 - Purified Functional Grade HIT3a FA
C108 Anti-Human CD3 - R-PE UCHT-1 FC
C310 Anti-Human CD4 - APC RPA-T4 FC
C122 Anti-Human CD4 - Biotin RPA-T4 FC
C1961 Anti-Human CD4 - DyLight® 488 RPA-T4 FC
C1962 Anti-Human CD4 - DyLight® 550 RPA-T4 FC
C1963 Anti-Human CD4 - DyLight® 594 RPA-T4 FC
C1965 Anti-Human CD4 - DyLight® 650 RPA-4 FC
C1967 Anti-Human CD4 - DyLight® 755 RPA-T4 FC
C123 Anti-Human CD4 - FITC RPA-T4 FC
C1969 Anti-Human CD4 - PerCP RPA-T4 FC
C121 Anti-Human CD4 - Purified RPA-T4 IHC (NBF/Par.), FC
C367 Anti-Human CD4 - Purified Functional Grade, GOLD RPA-T4 IHC (NBF/Par.), FC, B, FA
C2846 Anti-Human CD4 - Purified Functional Grade, PLATINUM RPA-T4 IHC (NBF/Par.), FC, B, FA
C124 Anti-Human CD4 - R-PE RPA-T4 FC
C311 Anti-Human CD5 - APC UCHT-2 FC
C114 Anti-Human CD5 - Biotin UCHT-2 FC
C2051 Anti-Human CD5 - DyLight® 488 UCHT-2 FC
C2052 Anti-Human CD5 - DyLight® 550 UCHT-2 FC
C2053 Anti-Human CD5 - DyLight® 594 UCHT-2 FC
C2055 Anti-Human CD5 - DyLight® 650 UCHT-2 FC
C2057 Anti-Human CD5 - DyLight® 755 UCHT-2 FC
C115 Anti-Human CD5 - FITC UCHT-2 FC
C2059 Anti-Human CD5 - PerCP UCHT-2 FC
C113 Anti-Human CD5 - Purified UCHT-2 FC, WB

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