SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers

SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers used in Flow Cytometry

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C116 Anti-Human CD5 - R-PE UCHT-2 FC
C425 Anti-Human CD7 - Purified WM31 FC
C312 Anti-Human CD8 - APC UCHT-4 FC
C118 Anti-Human CD8 - Biotin UCHT-4 FC
C2060 Anti-Human CD8 - DyLight® 488 UCHT-4 FC
C2061 Anti-Human CD8 - DyLight® 550 UCHT-4 FC
C2062 Anti-Human CD8 - DyLight® 594 UCHT-4 FC
C2064 Anti-Human CD8 - DyLight® 650 UCHT-4 FC
C2065 Anti-Human CD8 - DyLight® 680 UCHT-8 FC
C2066 Anti-Human CD8 - DyLight® 755 UCHT-4 FC
C119 Anti-Human CD8 - FITC UCHT-4 FC
C2068 Anti-Human CD8 - PerCP UCHT-4 FC
C117 Anti-Human CD8 - Purified UCHT-4 IHC (Frozen), FC
C366 Anti-Human CD8 - Purified Functional Grade UCHT-4 FC, WB
C120 Anti-Human CD8 - R-PE UCHT-4 FC
C429 Anti-Human CD9 - Purified MM2/57 IHC (Frozen), FC, IP, WB
C431 Anti-Human CD9 - R-PE MM2/57 FC
C305 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - APC SJ5-1B4 FC
C138 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - Biotin SJ5-1B4 FC
C1979 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - DyLight® 488 SJ5-1B4 FC
C1980 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - DyLight® 550 SJ5-1B4 FC
C1981 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - DyLight® 594 SJ5-1B4 FC
C1983 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - DyLight® 650 SJ5-1B4 FC
C1985 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - DyLight® 755 SJ5-1B4 FC
C139 Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) - FITC SJ5-1B4 FC

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