SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers

SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers used in Flow Cytometry

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C154 Anti-Human CD14 - Biotin UCHM-1 FC
C1859 Anti-Human CD14 - DyLight® 488 UCHM-1 FC
C1860 Anti-Human CD14 - DyLight® 550 UCHM-1 FC
C1861 Anti-Human CD14 - DyLight® 594 UCHM-1 FC
C1863 Anti-Human CD14 - DyLight® 650 UCHM-1 FC
C1865 Anti-Human CD14 - DyLight® 755 UCHM-1 FC
C155 Anti-Human CD14 - FITC UCHM-1 FC
C1867 Anti-Human CD14 - PerCP UCHM-1 FC
C153 Anti-Human CD14 - Purified UCHM-1 IHC (Frozen), FC, IF
C370 Anti-Human CD14 - Purified Functional Grade UCHM-1 FC
C156 Anti-Human CD14 - R-PE UCHM-1 FC
C316 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - APC TG1 FC
C158 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - Biotin TG1 FC
C2007 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - DyLight® 488 TG1 FC
C2008 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - DyLight® 550 TG1 FC
C2009 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - DyLight® 594 TG1 FC
C2011 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - DyLight® 650 TG1 FC
C2013 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - DyLight® 755 TG1 FC
C159 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - FITC TG1 FC
C2015 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - PerCP TG1 FC
C157 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - Purified TG1 FC
C160 Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) - R-PE TG1 FC
C465 Anti-Human CD16 (FcγRIII) - Purified GRM1 FC, IP, WB
C317 Anti-Human CD19 (Pan B-Cells) - APC SJ25-C1 FC
C142 Anti-Human CD19 (Pan B-Cells) - Biotin SJ25-C1 FC

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