Mouse MHC

Mouse MHC Markers used in Flow Cytometry

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H1559 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u - DyLight® 650 A5A1-Do4 FC
H164 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u - FITC A5A1-Do4 IP
H162 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u - Purified A5A1-Do4 FC, IP, WB
H165 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u - R-PE A5A1-Do4 IP
H230 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - APC B3A6-Do7 IP
H159 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - Biotin B3A6-Do7 FC, IP, WB
H1573 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - DyLight® 488 B3A6-Do7 FC
H1574 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - DyLight® 550 B3A6-Do7 FC
H1575 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - DyLight® 594 B3A6-Do7 FC
H1577 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - DyLight® 650 B3A6-Do7 FC
H160 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - FITC B3A6-Do7 IP
H158 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - Purified B3A6-Do7 FC, IP, WB
H161 Anti-Mouse H-2Kd Dd,q,u,v - R-PE B3A6-Do7 IP
H228 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - APC B1B8.C2-Ky99 IP
H151 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - Biotin B1B8.C2-Ky99 FC, IP, WB
H1564 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - DyLight® 488 B1B8.C2-Ky99 FC
H1565 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - DyLight® 550 B1B8.C2-Ky99 FC
H1566 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - DyLight® 594 B1B8.C2-Ky99 FC
H1568 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - DyLight® 650 B1B8.C2-Ky99 FC
H152 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - FITC B1B8.C2-Ky99 IP
H150 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - Purified B1B8.C2-Ky99 FC, IP, WB
H153 Anti-Mouse H-2Kk - R-PE B1B8.C2-Ky99 IP
H232 Anti-Mouse I-Ed,j,k,p,r,u,v - APC D2A6-Do5 IP
H233 Anti-Mouse I-Ed,j,k,p,r,u,v - APC C3D6-Do1 IP
H234 Anti-Mouse I-Ed,j,k,p,r,u,v - APC C3A3-Do3 IP

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