Project Management

A successful partnership is based on good communication resulting in an understanding of the client’s expectations and timelines. Once the scope of work and product specifications is determined, the project is initiated and clients are provided with weekly manufacturing status reports. A secure portal into our online project management system is available for real time project updates.

Cell Banking and Cell Line Optimizatioin

We provide Cell Banking, Optimization and Adaptation for In vitro monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein production. A dedicated unit within our US facility develops stable cell lines, creates master cell banks (MCB) and working cell banks (WCB) for use in manufacturing. Cell lines are sub-cloned and specific productivity rates determined to maximize protein expression. Serological testing and dual-site storage of cell banks is available.

In vitro Monoclonal Antibody and Protein Production

Small to Large Scale Platforms Available

Leinco Technologies has extensive experience in large scale mammalian cell culture of hybridoma, CHO, NSO and HEK-293 cells for production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins using steam in place (SIP) stirred tank, packed bed or hollow fiber bioreactors. In cases where projects are still in the proof of concept stage, in vitro production can be performed in roller bottles or shake flasks. Bioreactor production is available at small and large scale in our production facility located in St. Louis, Missouri USA. Work is performed in dedicated cleanroom suites using standard operating procedures and manufacturing data is recorded in cGMP compliant batch records. Master manufacturing files are archived and bio-analytical lot release testing records are provided to clients.

A key factor to expedite delivery and reduce production costs is the availability of multiple scale upstream production platforms. For Hybridoma cells where production requirements are less than 500 milligrams, roller bottles may be used. For milligram quantities of recombinant proteins, shake flasks are often utilized followed by IMAC or other purification methods. However, when larger production quantities are required, steam in place (SIP) stirred tank bioreactors or hollow fiber systems are available in dedicated cleanroom suites for each product.

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