Recombinant Human Secreted Frizzled Related Protein-1

Recombinant Human Secreted Frizzled Related Protein-1

Product No.: S563

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Alternate Names
FRP1, FRP, FRP-1, FrzA, Secreted Apoptosis Related Protein-2 (SARP2)
Product Type
Recombinant Protein
Expression Host
HeLa Cells

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Secreted Frizzled Related Protein-1 also known as SFRP1 is a member of the secreted frizzled-related proteins (sFRPs) which are glycoproteins that are negative regulators of the Wnt pathway.1 SFRP1 is strongly expressed throughout embryonic development in different vertebrate species.2 It regulates cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis and negatively regulates bone formation.3 SFRP1 expression might be useful as a novel prognostic marker in early stage breast cancer.4 SFRP 1 is also a candidate tumor suppressor gene for lung cancer.5

Protein Details

>97% by SDS Page and HPLC
Endotoxin Level
<0.1 EU/µg as determined by the LAL method
State of Matter
Predicted Molecular Mass
The molecular weight of Recombinant Human sFRP-1 is Mr 35-40 kDa.
Storage and Stability
This lyophilized protein is stable for six to twelve months when stored desiccated at -20°C to -70°C. After aseptic reconstitution, this protein may be stored at 2°C to 8°C for one month or at -20°C to -70°C in a manual defrost freezer. Avoid Repeated Freeze Thaw Cycles. See Product Insert for exact lot specific storage instructions.
Country of Origin
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References & Citations

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