Small to Medium Scale Option using CHO, HEK293, and E.coli Expression Systems

Pre-Clinical research is an essential and initial step in the process of understanding the complexity and mechanisms of disease. These studies allow scientists and clinicians to create models of disease states and reveal the biochemical and cellular processes responsible for the development of diseases. As the precursors and courses of action of a disease are discovered, preclinical research is directed toward investigating the safety and efficacy of treatment theories. Leinco Technologies offers a panel of services to scientists that need specific antibodies and proteins of the highest purity available for conducting early discovery and preclinical research.

Such services include:

  • Site directed mutagenesis to create variant candidatesfor characterization of potential therapeutics proteins
  • Mammalian transgene expression
  • Purification
  • Bio-analytical testing resulting in low endotoxin functional formulations for
    use in preclinical trials.

Our novel patent pending mammalian transgene expression system has been developed for the purpose of expedited expression of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies for use in early discovery research, preclinical trials or in vitro diagnostic procedures. This transgene expression system was developed to transfect mammalian cells such as Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) or HEK-293 cells with high efficiency during suspension cell culture in stirred tank bioreactors. We utilize a proprietary protein free cell culture media formulation that is chemically defined animal origin free. The high efficiency of transfection contributes to high levels of protein expression achieved in Leinco Technologies’ transgene expression system.

Economic Decision

Leinco Technologies’ methods for expediting recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody production may be a good economic decision in the preclinical discovery phase. It eliminates the expense and time associated with developing a stable cell line before the characteristics of the antibody are fully known. This method also allows evaluation of antibody panels before moving forward with the establishment of a stable cell line. High purity recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies are produced in a mammalian expression system allowing glycosylation and highly biologically active proteins with no need for refolding.