SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers

SurfaceTag™ Human CD Markers used in Flow Cytometry

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C413 Anti-Human CD1b - Purified WM25 FC, IP
C308 Anti-Human CD2 - APC G11 FC
C110 Anti-Human CD2 - Biotin G11 FC
C1831 Anti-Human CD2 - DyLight 488 G11 FC
C1832 Anti-Human CD2 - DyLight 550 G11 FC
C1833 Anti-Human CD2 - DyLight 594 G11 FC
C1835 Anti-Human CD2 - DyLight 650 G11 FC
C111 Anti-Human CD2 - FITC G11 FC
C1839 Anti-Human CD2 - PerCP G11 FC
C109 Anti-Human CD2 - Purified G11 FC
C365 Anti-Human CD2 - Purified Functional Grade, GOLD G11 FC, FA
C112 Anti-Human CD2 - R-PE G11 FC
C309 Anti-Human CD3 - APC UCHT-1 FC
C106 Anti-Human CD3 - Biotin UCHT-1 FC
C2025 Anti-Human CD3 - DyLight® 488 UCHT-1 FC
C2026 Anti-Human CD3 - DyLight® 550 UCHT-1 FC
C2027 Anti-Human CD3 - DyLight® 594 UCHT-1 FC
C2029 Anti-Human CD3 - DyLight® 650 UCHT-1 FC
C2031 Anti-Human CD3 - DyLight® 755 UCHT-1 FC
C107 Anti-Human CD3 - FITC UCHT-1 FC
C1728 Anti-Human CD3 - Pacific Blue UCHT-1
C2033 Anti-Human CD3 - PerCP UCHT-1 FC
C2134 Anti-Human CD3 - PerCP/Cy5.5 UCHT-1
C105 Anti-Human CD3 - Purified UCHT-1 FC, IP, WB
C364 Anti-Human CD3 - Purified Functional Grade UCHT-1 FC, IP, WB

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