Custom Antibody Production

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The Key to
Reliable Data

"Leinco is a trustworthy and reasonable alternative with the highest antibody quality specifications we have seen. Plus, we love their team of people!"

Lab Manager at Scripps Research Institute

Functional Antibodies

Leinco Technologies is the premier supplier of ultra-pure neutralizing, blocking and activating antibodies.

"Custom size options, quality and value are why we continue to use Leinco over others in the life science research industry."

Lab Manager at Washington University in St. Louis

Serum Free Media

AlphaGrow SF Hybridoma serum free, animal origin free media has been shown to provide maximum performance for cell growth and antibody production.

"Works quite well with our B-cell hybridoma cell lines."

Industry Leading Diagnostic Company

Recombinant Proteins

We offer a large line of biologically active cytokines, growth factors and other proteins suitable for functional studies.

"Leinco has a large variety of biologically active proteins plus, I have always been deeply appreciative to their commitment to excellence and willingness for new R&D ideas to ensure customer satisfaction."

Principle Investigator at the University of Cincinnati

Flow Cytometry Antibodies & Support Tools

We now have MORE color choices for Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting applications. Check out our DyLights, PerCP and APC conjugated antibodies and reagents today!

"Ly6G Antibody Works Great!"

Valued Customer from the University of California San Diego

Sheath Fluid &
Biological Buffers

The largest selection of application designed sheath fluid and custom manufactured biological buffers available, including the Clearflow and Clearsort sheath fluid brands which feature low corrosion and low particle count.

"We have been using a number of Leinco reagents since 2011. They are our only supplier of flow cytometry sheath fluid which has always performed flawlessly."

Core Manager at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Secondary Antibodies & Streptavidin

We feature secondary polyclonal antibodies and streptavidin products absorbed to minimize species cross-reactivity and are optimally conjugated for assay specific performance.

"Strong Specific and Cheap Anti-Mouse Secondary Antibody"

Researcher from Franklin & Marshall College

IVD Manufacturing of Monoclonal Antibodies & Recombinant Proteins

Our IVD services include: cell line optimization, cell banking (MCB's, WCB's), upstream bioreactor production, purification to meet stringent quality specifications. All IVD manufacturing is performed in class 10K clean room suites. (cGMP compliant, ISO 9001:2015)

"Fast and Flexible"

Head of Antibody Research at Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Denmark

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Our monoclonal antibody development service includes the use of either mouse or hamster as a host depending on the immunogen. We have an excellent track record of developing both neutralizing and detection antibodies.

"Congratulations are in order to you guys as the newly developed antibody has shown encouraging signs of efficacy in its first trial in humans. Thanks!"

Senior Scientist at Hoffmann-La Roche

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