Anti-Mouse TREM2 mAbMod™ in vivo Blocking Antibody

A new player in the tumor microenvironment

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Monoclonal Antibody and Protein Production

Offering both large and small-scale IVD antibody and protein production, manufactured in our St. Louis, Missouri, ISO 9001:2015 certified and cGMP compliant biotechnology facility.

Conjugation Services

Our custom conjugation services take the guesswork out of antibody conjugation, providing a high-quality product with no detectable free label or unconjugated antibody.

Cell Line Development and Banking

Our expertise in cell line engineering and optimization delivers reliable and robust cell lines tailored to your specific requirements.

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30 Years of Supporting Life Sciences

For scientists utilizing antibodies in life sciences discovery, biopharmaceutical and diagnostics segments, reproducible science is the key to unlocking scientific doors. Leinco Technologies Inc. provides access to proteins and antibodies for research in a broad range of life sciences applications uncovering interactions in cancer, infectious diseases and immunology. Leinco scientists with over 30 years’ experience take a consultative approach with our partners and are committed to delivering the highest quality CDMO services that save time and ensure our customers are successful in their programs.

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