Leinco's purified in vivo antibodies - puzzle

In vivo Functional Antibodies

Leinco Technologies is the premier supplier of ultra-pure, large package format, In vivo functional grade antibodies for preclinical studies.

IVD assay custom manufacturing services - puzzle

Custom Manufacturing Services for IVD Assays

Leinco is the world’s premier, large scale custom manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and proteins used in both FDA and USDA regulated diagnostic assays on a variety of platforms.

Leinco's recombinant proteins - puzzle

Recombinant Proteins

Leinco offers ultra-pure recombinant proteins that are tested to assure optimal biological activity and reproducibility to provide confidence in results.

Codex barcoding services - puzzle

CODEX® Antibodies and Services

Leinco offers a selection of CODEX® validated antibodies as well as exclusive custom oligonucleotide barcoding services.

interferon antibodies and proteins - puzzle

Type I and Type II Interferons

Check out Leinco’s range of interferons including monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for mediating defense against bacteria, protozoal, and viral infections, as well as tumors.

Leinco's biosimilar recombinant antibodies - puzzle

Biosimilar Recombinant Antibodies

Leinco is a leading developer and manufacturer of biosimilar recombinant antibodies at In vivo PLATINUM™ purity levels.

Leincos monoclonal antibody development - puzzle

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Leinco’s monoclonal antibody development service includes the use of either mouse or hamster as a host depending on the immunogen. We have an excellent track record of developing both neutralizing and detection antibodies.

Leinco's secondary polyclonal antibodies and streptavidin - puzzle

Secondary Antibodies and Streptavidin

Leinco features secondary polyclonal antibodies and streptavidin products absorbed to minimize species cross-reactivity and are optimally conjugated for assay specific performance.

Leinco's isotype control antibodies - puzzle

Isotype Control Antibodies for In vivo Functional Use

Leinco manufactures ultra-pure isotype control antibodies for In vivo functional use. Pair with primary antibodies and receive bundle discounts!

Leinco's Sheath Fluid and Cytometry Workflow Solutions = Puzzle

ClearFlow™ Sheath Fluid and Cytometry Workflow Solutions

Explore Leinco’s ultra-low particle count sheath fluids designed for cell analysis and sorting, as well as Leinco’s Peak Fc Block™, lysing solutions and cell staining buffers.

Leincos serum free media - puzzle

Serum Free Media

AlphaGrow SF Hybridoma™ is a high productivity serum free, animal origin free cell culture media for growing traditional hybridoma cells.

Leinco's Flow Cytometry Antibodies and Conjugates - puzzle

Flow Cytometry Antibodies and Conjugates

Leinco Technologies offers an extensive line of antibodies and fluorescent conjugates tested and tittered for flow cytometry. We also provide custom conjugation services.