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Conjugation and Purification Services for PhenoCycler-Fusion DNA-Barcoded Antibodies

Free yourself from the complexities of antibody oligonucleotide conjugation and spend more of your valuable time focusing on the critical steps of experimental planning and data analysis. Leinco’s expertise in conjugation and purification ensures you receive validated antibodies optimized for your specific tissue types. Our rigorous processes eliminate the presence of free barcode and unlabeled antibody, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your results. Additionally, our custom services allow you to tailor your experiments further by modifying the oligonucleotides post-purification or unlocking the power of site-specific conjugation technology. This flexibility of our selection and service is unmatched in the industry.

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Conjugation of Antibodies with Oligonucleotides

The presence of unconjugated antibody or free label can drastically affect assays and lead to unreliable results. Strict quality control testing determines the efficiency of the conjugation process. For example, ssDNA staining (A) shows the difference between the ssDNA oligonucleotide tag alone (lane 1) and after conjugation (lane 2) to the antibody of interest where there is no visible unconjugated ssDNA. Isoelectric focusing (B) of unlabeled antibody (lane 1) and labelled antibody (lane 2) show no visible unlabeled antibody present after conjugation.

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Prioritizing client collaboration throughout the process is critical for the validation stage, conjugation process, and data analysis of complex spatial biology experiments. Leinco has the experienced team to successfully conjugate and deliver conjugated antibodies.

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Affordable pricing ($975 for 50 µg of barcoded antibodies) and rapid turnaround time (7-10 days) coupled with excellent communication with our customers at every step of the process make us the smart choice for your antibody oligo barcoding needs. We provide you with the highest-quality finished products held to the most stringent quality control standards. Whether you need to conjugate a single antibody or thirty, our scalable platform fits everybody’s needs.

  • Only $975 for 50 µg of barcoded antibodies!

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