A growing menu of ready-to-use high quality PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® barcoded antibodies and complementary fluorophore-conjugated oligonucleotides (reporter molecules) are available for spatial biology experiments. Utilizing “Ready to Stain’ DNA barcoded antibodies saves time in having to optimize the conjugation and purification steps. The high quality barcoded antibodies enable a focus on multiplex imaging and data analysis. PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® can detect over 40 biomarkers in an automated cyclical image acquisition process. Using the fully integrated, high multiplexing PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® technology allows an accurate picture of cell neighborhoods and interactions in the tissue microenvironment.

‘Ready to Stain’ DNA barcoded antibodies are validated according to tissue preparation, such as fresh frozen (FF) or fresh frozen paraffin-embedded (FFPE), and by tissue screened, such as liver, spleen, tonsil, brain, etc. All of these DNA barcoded antibodies for PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® have undergone multiple levels of validation and verification to assure conjugated antibodies are free of unconjugated antibodies and DNA barcodes.

Can’t find a specific barcoded antibody/clone? Check back periodically or contact our team as new clones are validated and added to the list frequently.

Fluorophore reporter molecules are conjugated to complementary oligonucleotides and matched with barcoded antibodies. The four distinct fluorescent reporter molecules include Alexa Fluor™ 488 (green channel), Alexa Fluor 647 (far-red channel), Alexa Fluor 750 (infrared channel), and Atto 550 (yellow channel).



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