Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development

Accelerated Antibody Development: Streamlined Workflow, High Throughput, Rapid Turnaround, and Customizable Genetic Engineering Ensuring Optimal Performance & Reproducibility

mAb Development Using Single B Cell Sequencing

Leinco uniquely combines proprietary methods for B-cell stimulation and cloning, high-throughput analysis, sequencing, and recombinant expression to overcome the limitations of traditional hybridoma fusion methods.

By sequencing IgG genes directly from activated clonal B-cell populations, we eliminate time-consuming hybridoma fusion and subcloning steps, for a streamlined approach with rapid turnaround times. 

The sequenced epitope recognition site can be cloned into the backbone of choice and genetically engineered as needed for optimal performance in your application.

With our rapid development workflow and cutting-edge platform, we can produce the antibodies you need in as little as 11 weeks.

Key Benefits

How it Works

Our recombinant rabbit mAb development process starts with the identification or design of the best immunogen and screening antigen for your project. Rabbits are then immunized to induce an immune response. We use antigen panning to isolate antibody-expressing B cells, which are then cloned and cultured in 96-well format using proprietary serum-free B cell stimulation media. B cells producing antibodies against the target antigen are characterized by high-throughput kinetic profiling to identify the most promising candidates for sequencing. The amplified antibody genes encoding the variable heavy and light chain regions are cloned into expression vectors containing the elements necessary for expression in a suitable host system (e.g., HEK or CHO cells), and cultured under conditions that promote antibody expression. Finally, the expressed antibodies are purified and characterized to confirm their specificity, affinity, and functionality using a variety of techniques such as ELISA, Western blotting, flow cytometry and functional assays appropriate for the intended application.

Why Leinco is the Solution

With over 30 years of experience, Leinco excels in antibody development and production, offering tailored solutions for both small and large-scale needs. Our client-centered approach fosters collaboration, ensuring project goals are met. Leveraging proprietary serum-free B-cell stimulation media, we optimize cell expansion for consistent, high-yield antibody production. With stringent quality control measures, Leinco guarantees reliability and innovation for all your antibody requirements.

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What to Expect

Guaranteed deliverables with competitive pricing! Count on Leinco for meticulous attention during rabbit monoclonal antibody development. From consultation to delivery, we craft tailored solutions that meet your unique specifications. Our experts employ advanced techniques for antigen design, immunization, and screening, ensuring high-affinity antibodies. Expect comprehensive support, transparent communication, and efficient project management, leading to the timely delivery of optimized antibodies in whatever quantity you require. Trust Leinco as your reliable partner for precise, cost-effective rabbit monoclonal antibody solutions.

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