In vivo Cell Specific Depletion – T Cell, B Cell, NK Cells, and More

Leinco Technologies offers monoclonal antibodies to mouse cell specific surface proteins and cytokines for in vivo cell specific depletion studies.  Depletion can occur naturally (i.e. in HIV) or be induced for treatment purposes. Therefore, it is a useful tool in therapeutic, immunotherapy and diagnostic research. It is common practice for researchers to use antibodies to remove a specific cell type to infer its function, and mouse cell depletion in vivo experiments are used to establish the role of specific cell types in a variety of immunological processes. As an example, in vivo T cell depletion experiments using a combination of anti-CD4 (Clone GK1.5) and anti-CD8 (Clone 2.43 or 53-5.8) antibodies are efficient and produce less deleterious effects on other blood cell populations compared to using CD3 depletion antibodies (like clone 145-2C11 or 17A2) . Many of these antibodies have been developed by academic and government labs all over the world and have been reported and referenced for use in in vivo studies to deplete a specific cell type (See the List below organized by clone and cell type for depletion). Check out each clone’s datasheet for specific literature references and information on dosage and product use.

Cell-Specific Depletion Antibodies from Leinco Technologies

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