Transient Antibody Expression Systems Using HEK293 and CHO Mammalian Cells

Transient antibody expression (transient gene expression or transgene expression) in mammalian cells is important for the rapid and flexible production of recombinant proteins and antibodies. In addition, mammalian transient expression systems can generate active recombinant proteins with native folding and post-translational modifications. Leinco offers contract protein and antibody production services using our proprietary HEK293 and CHO transgene expression systems. Explore the capabilities and benefits of using customized recombinant antibody and protein manufacturing services.

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Mammalian transient antibody expression systems are ideal for the rapid production of highly biologically active proteins. Importantly, mammalian cell lines allow for correct folding and post-translational modifications, which do not occur in other expression systems. Leinco Technologies offers mammalian transgene expression systems in Human Embryonic Kidney 293 (HEK293) and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

HEK293 (Human Embryonic Kidney 293)

HEK293 cells are a specific cell line derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in flasks or bioreactors. HEK293 cells are often used in cell biology and biotechnology to express antibodies and proteins. This cell line is ideal for the production of therapeutic proteins.


  • Reliable and flexible cell growth
  • Produce proteins similar to those humans naturally produce
  • Mammalian expression allows proper glycosylation and biologically active proteins with no need for refolding
  • Lower endotoxin levels
  • High transfection efficiency
  • Transient, stable expression

CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary)

Leinco also offers the use of CHO cells, which were derived from the ovary of Chinese hamsters. CHO cells have similar benefits as HEK293 cells and are also extensively used in cell biology and medical research, particularly for commercial recombinant protein production of therapeutic antibodies and proteins.


  • Robust growth and adapt well in suspension cell culture
  • High recombinant protein yields and specific productivity
  • Simple genetic modification which is ideal for cloning, transfection, and protein production

Process Overview – Transient Protein Expression and Transient Expression of Human Antibodies in Mammalian Cells