Anti-PD-1 Antibodies In vivo

Programmed cell death protein 1, commonly abbreviated as PD-1, is an inhibitory receptor expressed on some tumor cells, which reduces T-cell activity. Monoclonal Anti-PD-1 antibodies block the PD-1 receptor so the T cells are no longer inhibited, activating the immune response against the tumor.

Leinco Technologies offers four different anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibodies: 29F.1A12, RMP1-14, J43, and 5C4-B8. All PD-1 clones are used to block PD-1 signaling in vivo in mouse tumor models and other mouse models. The available clones all have extensive publication records to support them. Leinco’s anti-mouse PD-1 antibodies are available in both in vivo GOLD™ and in vivo PLATINUM formats.

Which PD-1 Clone Is Best For My Research?

While all of Leinco’s PD-1 antibodies bind to PD-1 and block the signaling in vivo., here may be one clone that is better suited to your specific mouse model and research needs. Each antibody was created by different researchers at different times, however, they were all created using standard hybridoma technology. 

Clone: RMP1-14

Isotype: Rat IgG2a, k

Original Citation: Was first published in 2005 by Takanori Kanai and Hideo Yagit, et al.

Leinco in the Literature: RMP1-14

Immunogen: Syrian hamster BKH cells transfected with mouse PD-1 cDNA.

Purity: >95% Purity by SDS Page and HPLC

Preparation: Contains no preservatives or carrier proteins

Applications: According to the literature, clone RMP1-14, is a good Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) mab and a good blocker of PD-L1 or PD-L2 binding to PD-1; Effective in immunotherapy experiments. NOTE: We would not suggest using this clone to stain cells from a 29F.1A12-treated animal or vice versa.

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