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Preserving Protein Integrity, Ensuring Stability, Providing Easy Storage & Transportation

Tailored Lyophilization Solutions: Ensuring Long Shelf Life for Critical Reagents in IVD Kits

When it comes to lyophilization, there is no “one process fits all”. Leinco has the expertise in lyophilization to ensure long shelf life of critical reagents needed to meet the demands of IVD kits. We treat every project individually to avoid pitfalls that may lead to aggregation, denaturation, or degradation and threaten the performance of your final kit. With the right formulation strategies, lyophilization is no longer a roadblock to your success.

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Our expertise in the lyophilization of biologics allows us to troubleshoot the process from feasibility to scale-up. All the products from Leinco are manufactured in world-class facilities including dedicated class 10K cleanrooms (ISO 7). Our manufacturing processes adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) and the ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 13485:2016 quality standards. Learn about our custom packaging and global shipping/storage options.

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Whether Leinco is overseeing the production of your protein or solely managing the lyophilization process, our commitment to excellence includes thorough communication regarding the final product specifications. We prioritize transparency and collaboration to ensure that the end result meets your exact requirements.

Our expertise extends to custom packaging solutions tailored to the needs of end-users. By understanding the unique demands of your target audience, we can optimize the packaging to enhance usability, convenience, and stability. We strive to deliver a packaged product that aligns seamlessly with your intended application.

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