Leinco Technologies offers ClearFlow™ Sheath Fluid, ClearSort™ Sorting Solutions, ClearFlow™ Sheath Fluid with a Surfactant, HEPES Buffered Saline for cell sorting, and our PBS formulas which are all isotonic buffered solutions specially formulated to optimally transport cells through the fluidic pathways of instrumentation such as flow cytometers and cell sorters. Because of the complex hydrodynamic focusing technology of the instrumentation and depending on your experimental needs, choosing the correct sheath fluid solution is an important decision for a flow cytometry core manager or lab manager responsible for the optimal performance of their labs instrumentation.

“We have been using a number of Leinco reagents since 2011. They are our only supplier of flow cytometry sheath fluid which has always performed flawlessly.”

– Core Manager at Roswell Park Cancer Institute



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