Sheath Fluid and Cytometry Workflow Solutions

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Sterile cell sorting applications

Leinco Technologies offers multiple solutions for cell sorting applications where cell recovery after sorting is critical. Our most popular formulation is our ClearSort Formulation, specialized and designed for flow cytometry cell sorting.  Our specialty HEPES buffered saline works excellently and is particularly useful for high-pressure cell sorting as HEPES controls the pH better at high pressure compared to phosphate buffers. Because of this, we have also shown that HEPES buffered saline can help with post-sort cell viability for specific cell types and experimental needs.

For Flow Cytometry Analysis Applications

Leinco’s sheath fluids for analysis contain mild preservatives to protect the instrumentation and core facility from contaminations. A detailed cleaning procedure with recommendations can be found in our Literature Library, which should be considered along with the use of ClearFlow™ sheath fluid products to minimize the potential for contamination. For high throughput screening (HTC) instruments developed by companies like Propel, Bio-Rad, and BD, we have developed a great sheath fluid product with a surfactant, helping keep the system flowing by reducing the surface tension. All our sheath products are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 (class 10,000) biological clean rooms. The products are ultra-filtered to ensure low particulate count, minimize fluorescence background, and guarantee a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

20 units pallet configuration
30 units pallet configuration

Pallet Shipping Option to save up to 80% on Shipping

Leinco offers pallet shipping sizes and automatic shipping options every month to streamline the supply of these critical reagents. Our unique Pallet20 (20 Units) or Pallet30 (30 units) order volumes maximize the shipping savings with freight carriers and provide further product discounts. Request a quote today: