CODEX Tissue Staining

DNA Barcoded Antibodies and Custom Services for the PhenoCycler™-Fusion (CODEX)® Fluidics Instrument

Leinco Technologies is your go-to source for PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® reagents and services. The PhenoCycler-Fusion (CODEX)® imaging technology for spatially-resolved, highly multiplexed biomarker analysis is from Akoya Biosciences. Leinco provides high quality barcoded antibodies ‘Ready to Stain”, reporters (fluorophore-conjugated oligonucleotides) and PhenoCycler-Fusion validated antibodies.

Custom Services

Can’t find the barcoded antibodies you need for your research? We are ready to collaborate and provide you with the DNA barcoded antibodies of your choice. We will also assist you with panel design for barcoded antibodies.

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