Leinco’s Range of Immunoassay Development Services and Reagents

Leinco offers a full range of immunoassay development services that can bridge the path from discovery to product. When an off-the-shelf option is not available, Leinco’s team of scientific experts can design and create custom assay solutions that will deliver the quality results you expect. Leinco’s goal is to collaborate and work with innovative labs and companies on biomarker development for drug discovery and diagnostic applications.

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  • Collaboration with customer
  • Proof of Concept
  • Design inputs
  • Assay preparation and development
  • Prototype optimized while sensitivity, specificity, cross-reactivity, and stability determined
  • Integration of cassettes, sample handler and reader systems
  • Customer feedback and validation
  • Standard Operating Procedure & Batch Records
  • Scale-up manufacturing
  • Bulk lot productions
  • Lot release testing
  • Quality Control (QC) assay performance testing
  • Assay Qualification
  • Customer feedback and validation

Reagents for Immunoassay Development

Reagents include substrates, secondary antibody conjugates, blocking buffers, coating buffers, washing buffers and stabilization diluents. They provide the necessary tools to develop and manufacture assays for In vitro diagnostics, development of new therapeutics and basic life science research. In addition, these tools help develop assays with lot to lot consistency, higher signal to noise ratios, increased sensitivity and longer shelf life. 

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Lateral Flow Development

Looking at producing a lateral flow assay for qualitative and quantitative analysis? Leinco’s supporting services include Lateral Flow Development.