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Discover the transformative potential of recombinant antibodies for your research. From disease therapeutics and diagnostics to biochemical markers and detection tools, custom-engineered recombinant antibodies offer unparalleled specificity and versatility across various applications. Our expert antibody services cover gene synthesis, codon optimization, expression, and purification.

Leinco’s broad range of recombinant antibody services combined with a collaborative approach will accelerate your research or product development process.

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Leinco stands as an industry leader in recombinant antibodies due to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Each antibody lot meets the strictest purity criteria and is validated for target specificity. Cutting-edge recombinant technology guarantees lot-to-lot reproducibility, providing researchers with reliable tools for consistent results. Leinco’s extensive range of recombinant antibody production services, coupled with our dedication to customer support, solidifies our position as a trusted partner for scientists worldwide.

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