Flow Cytometry Antibodies, Apoptosis Kits and Buffers

Leinco Technologies has been a premier developer and manufacturer of innovative flow cytometry antibodies and reagents since 1992. Our flow cytometry products can be utilized in a broad range of fields including molecular biology, cell biology, pathology, immunology, and cancer research. Antibodies that specifically bind to intracellular antigens or cell surface receptors can be optimally tagged with a variety of fluorescent dyes to allow for multicolor analysis of cellular subsets. We offer a wide range of DyLight®, biotin, FITC-, R-PE-, APC- and PerCP-conjugated monoclonal antibodies designed to immunophenotype cell populations. In addition to directly conjugated antibodies, check out our Annexin V – FITC (Part Number A432)  apoptosis detection kit.  We also have flow cytometry lysing buffers (Part Number R1364), staining solution (Part Number F1175), and great sheath fluid options.

Product Highlights by Clone

Human Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Human FC Antibodies Clone
Anti-Human CD151 (PETA-3) 50-6
Anti-Human CD3 UCHT-1
Anti-Human CD4 RPA-T4
Anti-Human CD5 UCHT-2
Anti-Human CD8 UCHT-4
Anti-Human CD10 (CALLA) SJ5-1B4
Anti-Human CD11a (LFA-1a Subunit Integrin aMb2) 38
Anti-Human CD11b (Mac-1 Integrin aMb2) 44
Anti-Human CD11c (gp 150/95) 3.9
Anti-Human CD13 (Myeloid Cells) 22A5
Anti-Human CD14 (Monocytes) UCHM-1
Anti-Human CD15 (Granulocytes) TG1
Anti-Human CD19 (Pan B-cells) SJ25-C1

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Mouse Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Mouse FC Antibodies Clone
Anti-Mouse CD11c N418
Anti-Mouse CD19 1D3
Anti-Mouse CD62L MEL-14
Anti-Mouse CD80 (B7-1) 16-10A1
Anti-Mouse CD86 (B7-2 GL1
Anti-Mouse CD3e 500A2
Anti-Mouse CD4 GK1.5
Anti-Mouse CD8a (Ly 2.2) 2.43
Anti-Mouse CD11a (LFA-1a) I21/7
Anti-Mouse CD11a (LFA-1a) FD441.8
Anti-Mouse CD11b (Mac-1 aM chain) M1/70
Anti-Mouse CD24 (Heat Stable Antigen, Nectadrin) R7129.7
Anti-Mouse CD28 37.51

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Mouse TCR Antibodies

Mouse TCR Antibodies Clone
Anti-Mouse β (TCR) H57-597
Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) UC7-13D5
Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) KT4
Anti-Mouse Vβ 8 (TCR) F23.1
Anti-Mouse Vγ 2 (TCR) UC3-10A6
Anti-Mouse Vγ 3 (TCR) 536

Human MHC Antibodies

Human MHC Antibodies Clone
Anti-Human HLA-A, B, C Monomorphic W6/32
Anti-Human HLA-DP Monomorphic B7/21
Anti-Human HLA-DQ Monomorphic 1a3
Anti-Human HLA-DR Monomorphic L243

Human Immunoglobulins

Human Immunoglobulins Clone
Anti-Human IgE 121
Anti-Human IgG Fc Specific HP6043
Anti-Human IgM μ-Chain Specific HB57
Anti-Human Kappa HP6156
Anti-Human Lambda HP6054