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With over 30 years of experience, Leinco Technologies empowers your research and development with high-quality antibodies and proteins. Our services include tailored antibody development, expert protein purification, conjugation services, and a wide selection of in-stock research antibodies. Whether you’re advancing groundbreaking therapeutics or driving in vitro diagnostics, Leinco provides the tools to accelerate your discoveries.

“We go to Leinco when our clients need quality antibodies produced. Over the years Leinco has provided many monoclonal antibody development services as well as antibody production and purification and cell line banking.”

-Pat Vaughan, Chief Operating Officer at DCN DX

Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

Leinco Technologies offers robust monoclonal antibody production platforms to produce quantities from 1 mg to 1,000 grams.

Monoclonal Antibody Development

Monoclonal antibody development in mice, hamsters, and rabbits combined with recombinant antibody production, and custom conjugations – designed to propel your research forward.

Assay Development

Our team of experts designs and validates assays using rigorous methods and advanced technologies. Get unmatched sensitivity & specificity for your assay.

Recombinant Antibody & Protein Production

We offer efficient protein production in HEK293, CHO cells, and bacteria fermentation, delivering high-quality proteins with native folding and post-translational modifications, ideal for functional studies and therapeutic applications.

Antibody Barcoding and Conjugation

Leinco Technologies’ Antibody Conjugation Service delivers high-quality conjugates with superior signal-to-noise ratios. We ensure optimal labeling for sensitive and reliable detection in your flow cytometry, ELISA, IHC, and other assays.


We offer expert lyophilization to preserve protein structure and function to ensure long-term stability, minimize storage space, and simplify transport.

Why Leinco is the Solution

Expertise and Experience combined with Proprietary Technologies: Leinco boasts over 30 years of specialization in antibody and protein development. Their team possesses deep knowledge of immunology and protein expression, ensuring solutions tailored to even the most complex targets. Leinco prioritizes quality at every step. Rigorous testing and validation throughout the production process ensure the reproducibility and consistency of the antibodies or proteins they deliver.

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