Monoclonal Antibody Hybridoma Development

High-Performance Rodent mAbs Using Mice, Hamsters & Rats

mAb Development Using B Cell Fusion

Hybridoma technology is a cornerstone technique for monoclonal antibody development and remains a powerful tool for generating monoclonal antibodies. Leinco uses classical hybridoma techniques with mice and Armenian hamsters to create antigen-specific antibody-secreting hybridoma cell lines. Our ability to produce antibodies at scale (µg to kg) from developed hybridoma cell lines results in antibodies with exceptional versatility, consistently delivering reliable results across a diverse array of applications. Whether utilized for pre-clinical in vivo mouse models, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), Western blotting, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry (IHC), or therapeutics these antibodies demonstrate robust performance and high specificity.

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The hybridoma development process consists of four phases: immunization, fusion, screening, and in vitro antibody production. A protein or peptide-based project typically requires 4 – 6 mg of soluble antigen. Upon successful development of a panel of stable hybridoma cell lines, secreted monoclonal antibodies are characterized and taken into small-scale production. At the conclusion of each project, clients receive complete documentation of all phases and a development summary.

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Communication with clients is of essential importance to quality monoclonal antibody development processes at Leinco Technologies. Our team of antibody experts can handle complex projects from antigen production through packaging that is specific to clients’ needs while ensuring project goals are met.

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You can expect thorough attention to detail throughout the hybridoma development process. From initial consultation to final delivery, Leinco ensures tailored solutions meeting the unique specifications of our customers. Our expert team employs advanced techniques for antigen design, immunization, and screening, guaranteeing high-affinity antibodies. Customers benefit from comprehensive support, transparent communication, and efficient project management, resulting in timely delivery of high-quality antibodies optimized for their specific applications. With Leinco, customers can trust in a reliable partner committed to delivering precise, reliable, and cost-effective hybridoma antibody solutions.

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