Model of Protein Molecule, biological particle

Optimize and Expedite Your Protein Production

Leinco Technologies’ has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 1992. Are you looking for a specific protein that you cannot find in our protein catalog? We offer recombinant protein services using our proprietary transgene expression systems and gene synthesis technology. We understand your research needs require specific specifications and custom solutions, therefore, our team of experienced scientists in cell culture, purification, and quality control express, purify, and test proteins to provide our clients with custom solutions.

Recombinant proteins are produced in vitro by cloning recombinant DNA into vectors, which are introduced into expression hosts, such as bacteria or mammalian cell lines. Recombinant protein production is fast, consistent, and flexible. Recombinant proteins are used in many applications, including biomedical research and drug treatment or therapy. 

Protein Production Service Highlights

  • Gene Synthesis – Client-approved DNA sequencing of any length and complexity.
  • Cloning – Comprehensive expression plasmid design
  • Various fusion protein tags His-tag, Fc-tag, Strep-tag, and tag-free options
  • Protein Expression A proprietary rapid platform for expressing proteins using mammalian and E. coli expression systems. Expression levels will be measured by ELISA and Protein A and Protein G recovery assays to determine optimal conditions.
  • Production options  small (30mL shake flasks) to large (20L+ bioreactors) scale
  • Optimization Experiments R&D efforts to optimize cells and meet specific expression levels.
  • Purification Multiple purification systems and techniques including tagged protein purification or Leinco’s proprietary, robust multi-step recombinant antibody purification processes (Using Protein A or Protein G technology). Learn More
  • Bio-Analytical Testing Results in low endotoxin functional formulations for use in preclinical trials.

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