Nearly all scientists doing translational research are using or have used monoclonal antibodies in their research applications from cells to tissues to organs to animal studies. Whether it is for singleplex or multiplex identification of the presence of biomarkers or for when conjugated to a reporter molecule (e.g.  with fluorescent tags, biotin/streptavidin tags or nucleic acid tags) monoclonal antibodies are used to analyze various cell types in blood or tissues (disease states or treated with a therapeutic). Monoclonal antibodies (in-vivo functional grade) can also be injected in mice to deplete specific cell types or to block protein activity to better understand signaling cascades.

Almost all rapid diagnostic tests (COVID testing, influenza testing, pregnancy, rapid streptococcus test, etc.) are based upon monoclonal antibody binding. 

Why are we creating the program?

Leinco Technologies has been supporting the life sciences and translational sciences communities for over 30 years, and we are launching a new grant-based program that supports antibody and protein research. With monoclonal and recombinant antibodies being such a vital research tool in techniques such as flow cytometry, ELISAs, and in proteomic and spatial biology studies, we want to empower researchers with access to the highest quality antibodies to enable reproducible science.

We are inviting researchers (Students, Post-Docs, Lab Managers, Principal Investigators) to apply for the program which is open to any lab in academia or a clinical academic institution in the US or Canada with 3 or more researchers and doing translational research in cancer, infectious diseases or immunology.

What are the program’s benefits?

Technical Protocols

Access to technical protocols for sandwich and indirect ELISAs, Western blots, immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry, and more


  • Early access to new and emerging antibodies and proteins
  • Recommend new antibodies and reporter molecules

Loyalty Advantage 

  • Exclusive pricing with discounts
  • Priority shipping

Fun in science!

  • Share a Fab fragment (snippit) of your science and recommend a friend to the program. Add to our “online MAb Advantage science wall”
  • Collectible MAb Advantage wall charts, magnets, and additional swag.

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