Cell Proliferation Markers

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C328 Anti-Human CD71 (Transferrin Receptor) - APC T56/14 FC
C164 Anti-Human CD71 (Transferrin Receptor) - Biotin T56/14 FC
C165 Anti-Human CD71 (Transferrin Receptor) - FITC T56/14 FC
C163 Anti-Human CD71 (Transferrin Receptor) - Purified T56/14 FC
C166 Anti-Human CD71 (Transferrin Receptor) - R-PE T56/14 FC
E101 Anti-Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) External Domain-Biotin EGFR.1 FC
P120 Anti-PCNA - APC PC10 FC
P104 Anti-PCNA - Biotin PC10 FC, IF
P330 Anti-PCNA - DyLight® 488 PC10 FC
P331 Anti-PCNA - DyLight® 550 PC10 FC
P332 Anti-PCNA - DyLight® 594 PC10 FC
P334 Anti-PCNA - DyLight® 650 PC10 FC
P335 Anti-PCNA - DyLight® 680 PC10 FC
P336 Anti-PCNA - DyLight® 755 PC10 FC
P105 Anti-PCNA - FITC PC10 FC
P338 Anti-PCNA - PerCP PC10 FC
P103 Anti-PCNA - Purified PC10 IHC (NBF/Par.), FC, IP, WB, IF
P106 Anti-PCNA - R-PE PC10 FC

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