Mouse T-Cell Receptor Complex

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T695 Anti Mouse TNF-α - Biotin TN3-19.12
T143 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - APC UC7-13D5 FC
T130 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - Biotin UC7-13D5 FC
T599 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - DyLight® 488 UC7-13D5 FC
T600 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - DyLight® 550 UC7-13D5 FC
T601 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - DyLight® 594 UC7-13D5 FC
T603 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - DyLight® 650 UC7-13D5 FC
T604 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - DyLight® 680 UC7-13D5 FC
T605 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - DyLight® 755 UC7-13D5 FC
T131 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - FITC UC7-13D5
T607 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - PerCP UC7-13D5 FC
T129 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - Purified UC7-13D5 FC, IP
T352 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - Purified Functional Grade UC7-13D5 FC, N, IP, In vivo Depletion
T132 Anti-Mouse γ/δ (TCR) - R-PE UC7-13D5
T648 Anti-Mouse TCR β chain (TCR) - Purified H57-597 IHC (Frozen), FC, IP, IF
T676 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - APC KT4 FC
T675 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - Biotin KT4
T679 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - DyLight® 488 KT4 FC
T680 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - DyLight® 550 KT4 FC
T681 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - DyLight® 594 KT4 FC
T682 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - DyLight® 650 KT4 FC
T674 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - FITC KT4 FC
T678 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - PerCP KT4 FC
T649 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - Purified KT4 FC
T673 Anti-Mouse Vβ 4 (TCR) - Purified Functional Grade KT4

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