Biotin Growth Factors & Cytokines

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B425 Anti-Human β-Defensin-1 (BD-1)-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
N127 Anti-Human β-NGF-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB, ELISA Det.
L248 Anti-Human 4-1BB Ligand-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
B392 Anti-Human 4-1BB Receptor-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) FC, WB, ELISA Det., ICC
A401 Anti-Human Activin RIA-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A394 Anti-Human Activin RIB-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
R1265 Anti-Human Activin RIIA-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
R1264 Anti-Human Activin RIIB-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A229 Anti-Human AITRL-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) FC, WB
A402 Anti-Human ALCAM-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB, ELISA Det.
A398 Anti-Human ALK-1-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A395 Anti-Human Amphiregulin-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB, ELISA Det.
A396 Anti-Human Angiogenin-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB, ELISA Det.
A357 Anti-Human Angiopoietin-1-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB, ELISA Det.
A360 Anti-Human Angiopoietin-4–Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A103 Anti-Human ApoE3-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A207 Anti-Human APRIL-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A221 Anti-Human Artemin-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
A334 Anti-Human Artemin-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Purif.) WB
B602 Anti-Human B7-1-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
B603 Anti-Human B7-2-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
B605 Anti-Human B7-H1-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
B607 Anti-Human B7-H2-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) FC, WB
B646 Anti-Human BAFF R-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB
B116 Anti-Human BCA-1-Biotin (Antigen Aff. Pur.) WB, ELISA Det.

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