Infectious Diseases

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A282 Anti-Anthrax Edema Factor Indirect ELISA
A283 Anti-Anthrax Lethal Factor (CT) Indirect ELISA
A284 Anti-Anthrax Lethal Factor (Intermediate Domain) Indirect ELISA
A285 Anti-Anthrax Protective Antigen (CT) Indirect ELISA
A286 Anti-Anthrax Protective Antigen (Intermediate Domain) Indirect ELISA
A289 Anti-Avian Influenza AFHA-1 Indirect ELISA
A290 Anti-Avian Influenza AFHA-2 Indirect ELISA
A291 Anti-Avian Influenza AFHA-3 Indirect ELISA
A292 Anti-Avian Influenza AFHA-4 Indirect ELISA
H1462 Anti-Avian Influenza H5N1 NS2 Indirect ELISA
H1464 Anti-Avian Influenza Hemagglutinin (NT) Indirect ELISA
N166 Anti-Avian Influenza Neuraminidase (CT) Indirect ELISA
N167 Anti-Avian Influenza Neuraminidase (Intermediate Domain) Indirect ELISA
H1461 Anti-Avian Influenza Nonstructural Protein 1(H5N1 NS1) Indirect ELISA
H1463 Anti-Hemagglutinin (Intermediate Domain) Indirect ELISA
A313 Anti-Human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (CT) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
A287 Anti-Human Anthrax Toxin Receptor (CT) (ATR) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
A288 Anti-Human Anthrax Toxin Receptor (Intermediate Domain) (ATR) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
A293 Anti-Human APOBEC3G (NT) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
B361 Anti-Human Bonzo (NT-2) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
C1119 Anti-Human CCR8 (EL) WB
C1121 Anti-Human CX3CR1 (NT) IHC (NBF/Par.), FC, WB
D286 Anti-Human DC-SIGN (CT) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
D288 Anti-Human DC-SIGN (ED) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
D325 Anti-Human DDX3 (Intermediate Domain) IHC (NBF/Par.), WB

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