Growth Factors and Cytokines

Growth Factors and Cytokines Antibodies for Life Science Researchers

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I-668 Anti Mouse/Human IL-1ra/IL-1F3 40007 Indirect ELISA, WB
N199 Anti-Human β-NGF 25623 ELISA Cap, N
B591 Anti-Human 4-1BB 145501 Indirect ELISA, FC, WB
L251 Anti-Human 4-1BB Ligand 282220 Indirect ELISA, FC, WB
A370 Anti-Human Activin A Precursor 132815 Indirect ELISA, WB
A421 Anti-Human Activin B 146807 Indirect ELISA, N, WB
A380 Anti-Human Activin RIA 71412 Indirect ELISA, IHC (NBF/Par.), WB
A371 Anti-Human Activin RIB 126822 Indirect ELISA, WB, B
A375 Anti-Human Activin RII 60401 Indirect ELISA, WB
A377 Anti-Human Activin RIIA 126706 Indirect ELISA, WB
A376 Anti-Human Activin RIIB 60408 Indirect ELISA, WB
A369 Anti-human Adiponectin 166126 ELISA Cap
A381 Anti-Human ALCAM 105901 Indirect ELISA, WB, FA
A378 Anti-Human ALK-1 117720 Indirect ELISA, WB
A372 Anti-Human Amphiregulin 31221 ELISA Cap, IHC (NBF/Par.), N, WB
A373 Anti-Human Angiogenin 14017 ELISA Cap, WB
A384 Anti-Human Angiopoietin-4 156215 Indirect ELISA, WB
A420 Anti-Human ApoE 395004 Indirect ELISA, WB
B566 Anti-Human B7-1 37711 ELISA Cap, IHC (NBF/Par.), FC, N
B567 Anti-Human B7-2 37301 ELISA Cap, FC, N, WB
B568 Anti-Human B7-H1 130021 Indirect ELISA, FC, WB
B569 Anti-Human B7-H2 136726 Indirect ELISA, FC, N, WB
B379 Anti-Human BAFF 148725 Indirect ELISA, N
B570 Anti-Human BAFF 137314 Indirect ELISA, FC, WB
B592 Anti-Human Bax 127606 WB

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