ELISA Substrates, PBS & Cell Cultrue Media

All of Leinco Technologies’ enzyme substrates are designed for various qualitative or quantitative immunoassays to act as a catalyst for a chemical reaction in any assay. The enzyme-substrate complex which is formed after adding one of our highly sensitive substrates such as TMB, ABTS, DAB, or Ultra-DAP-Detect Attogram will help assure reliable research data.

Prod. No Description (Click for Datasheet)
T118 TMB HRPO Microwell Substrate Standard Kinetic One Component “Ready Use”
T116 TMB HRPO Membrane Substrate One Component “Ready Use”
P162 pNPP Microwell Alkaline Phosphatase Stablized Substrate One Component “Ready Use”
A202 ABTS HRPO Microwell Substrate One Component “Ready Use”
B390 BCIP/NBT 1 Component Membrane Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate (Purple Reaction Prod.)
D308 Ultra-DAP-Detect Attogram™ One Component
T343 TMB HRPO Membrane/IHC Substrate UltraSensitive™ One Component “Ready Use”

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We also offer a wide range of blocking buffers which have optimized for blocking excess binding sites in ELISA, immunohistochemistry or western blots.

Leinco blocking buffers can:

  • Be FAST ACTING – block ELISA plates in 2 minutes
  • Increase sensitivity binding
  • Reduce nonspecific
  • Be used with UltraAvidin™ or StreptAvidin Systems
Leinco Technologies also offers a proprietary, liquid formulated stop solution used with TMB or ABTS in ELISA applications. Try our coating buffers, wash reagents and stabilization buffers which offer scientists the flexibility for assay development.

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