Apoptosis & Protease Detection Kits

Apoptosis, the physiological process of cell death, is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is normally a tightly regulated process: however, upon de-regulated, tumor growth can result. Apoptotic processes can be measured in the laboratory easily and most effectively by using a FITC-labeled Annexin V protein to stain cells and analyze them via flow cytometry. It is a useful method to screen and analyze cells in a high throughput manner, resulting in a clearer understanding of the cellular response to various stimuli.

Above: Apoptosis Annexin V Detection Diagram

Leinco Technologies' continuously expanding line of monoclonal antibodies provides the ideal solution for flow cytometric analysis of apoptotic cells and pathways.

Caspase Activity Assays: In addition to annexin V based assay's Leinco Technologies offers both in vitro apoptosis detection kits based on cell permeable inhibitor sequences for detecting the activity of caspases. These inhibitor sequences have been labels with small molecule fluorescent dyes for quantitative visualization. Applications include immuno-fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry.

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