Leukemic cells conjugated in FITC - Dylight Fluorophores

Why use DyLight® Fluorophores?

DyLight® Fluorescent Dyes are high-intensity, photo-stable fluorescent tags Leinco Technologies uses to label its antibodies and secondary reagents. The DyLight® Fluorescents are available for use in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, Western blotting, ELISA, high-content screening and other array platforms.

For years, researchers have used dyes like fluorescein, rhodamine, Cy3 and Cy5 in a wide variety of applications. However, these dyes have limitations (such as photobleaching) for use in microscopy and flow cytometry which both require exposure to an intense light source. Certain characteristics of the DyLights® make them a highly effective alternative to these dyes in many applications.

  • Excitation and emission properties match output
    and detection wavelengths of common instrumentation
  • Higher photostability / Less pH-sensitive
  • Little spectral overlap of wavelengths

Excitation and Emission Properties

The DyLight® Fluorophores are spectrally similar to other dyes, and their excitation and emission properties match the output and detection wavelengths of most fluorescence instrumentation. The absorption spectra of DyLights® carried by Leinco Technologies range from 400–646 nm, covering the entire visible light spectrum and several key near-infrared and infrared wavelengths


Excitation (left) and emission (right) spectra of DyLight® fluorescent dyes conjugated to affinity-purified secondary antibodies. This figure illustrates the relative shape and position of each fluorophore in the peak area of its excitation and emission after antibody conjugation.

Conjugate Color Absorb (nm) Emit (nm) ε (M-1cm-1) QY % Brightness= (QY*e)/100 Excitation laser Application Compatibility
DyLight® 650 Red 654 673 250,000 31.6 79,000 Red (633 nm) IF, FC, IHC, ELISA
DyLight® 594 Orange 593 618 80,000 80.6 64,480 Green (526 nm) IF, FC, IHC, ELISA
DyLight® 488 Green 493 518 70,000 89.6 62,720 Cyan (488 nm) IF, FC, IHC, ELISA
DyLight® 755 Near-IR 754 776 220,000 26.1 57,420 NIR WB, ELISA, FC
DyLight® 405 Violet 400 420 30,000 96.8 29,040 Laser Diode (405 nm) IF, FC
DyLight® 550 Yellow 562 576 150,000 9.9 14,850 Green (526 nm) IF, FC, WB, ELISA

Higher Photostability

The Dylight® fluorophores show a higher fluorescence strength than comparable dyes like Alexa Fluor, CyDye and LI-COR in most applications. They also maintain greater photostability and are less pH-sensitive. These characteristics allow more time for image capturing.
DyLights® are brighter than Alexa Fluor dyes.

Low Spectral Overlap

Another advantage of the DyLight® Fluorophores is the low spectral overlap of wavelengths. By using a combination of these dyes, it is possible to achieve highly effective 4-color imaging with a maximum separation of colors.

DyLight® is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. and its subsidiaries.