Immune Checkpoint Targets for Immuno-Oncology Research

An eBook that explores scientific understandings of exploiting our immune system from different types of cancers and at various stages, looking at current and emerging immune checkpoints, and reviewing In vivo studies for oncology. 


Immune checkpoints are highly interesting targets for cancer therapy because they play a key role in modulating the immune response. Cancer cells often develop strategies to prevent their own destruction by the host immune system by inhibiting the activation of immune checkpoints, which may allow cancer growth and metastasis. The concept of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy is to use agents that facilitate the proper activation of immune checkpoints and the resulting destruction of cancer cells.

Explore the Immune Checkpoints eBook by Leinco Technologies, Inc. with extensive information and history regarding immunology and oncology research.   Novices and experts will find this eBook compelling. This eBook will cover the following:

  • Immune checkpoint targets by examining the tumor microenvironment, more specifically, the interaction between T cells and tumor cells. 
  • 2021 latest trends of immune checkpoint blockade in oncology research.
  • In vivo functional grade antibody specifications for immuno-oncology application specific research and clinical purposes. 
  • Popular immune checkpoint biomarkers, including PD-1, CTLA-4, LAG-3, TIM-3, and more. 
  • Emerging immune checkpoint targets TIGIT, VISTA, B7-H3, BTLA. 
  • How Leinco Technologies’ assists preclinical researchers in their pursuit to cure cancer.

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