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Future Epidemic and Pandemic Threats

Epidemics and pandemics, are occurring at an accelerated pace with significant risks. When a known epidemic or pandemic occurs, expert scientists must quickly identify and create efficient solutions for protecting people and slowing the spread of disease. Leinco is on the forefront of early discovery antibody therapy and immunoassay diagnostics. Working with our partners, our goal is to take a proactive approach for future epidemics and pandemics.

Antibodies for Viral Targets – Available Soon!

  • Andes virus (hantavirus)
  • Sin Nombre virus (hantavirus)
  • West Nile virus
  • Influenza A
  • Influenza
  • Monkeypox virus
  • Chikungunya virus
  • Vaccinia virus
  • Monkeypox virus
  • Eastern Equine
  • Encephalitis virus
  • Respiratory Syncytial virus
  • Ross River virus
  • Rotavirus
  • Dengue virus
  • Henipavirus
  • Japanese Encephalitis virus

Recombinant Antibody Technology

Leinco Technologies is fortunate to have first access to antibody DNA sequences from various infectious diseases. Leinco takes these valuable antibody sequences and scales up production by proprietary transient expression systems using HEK293 and CHO mammalian cells. This is a rapid and flexible production method with benefits including high-yield and high-purity outputs.

The impact of making these antibodies readily available includes advanced research and preclinical research applications. It is essential in light of a pandemic for scientists and clinicians to understand the complexity of such diseases, create models of disease states, and reveal the biochemical and cellular processes responsible for the development of diseases.

Leinco’s Influence on Future Pandemics

It’s nearly impossible to predict a future epidemic or pandemic. Leinco’s, along with key partnerships, focuses on a quick timeline from disease discovery to production of novel recombinant antibodies. In combination of access to DNA sequences and technological advances, we are able to produce antibodies at larger volume and distribute around the world for research and testing. Together and in proactive preparation, we can be more equipped to respond.