molecular model of DNA strand encoding proteins

Recombinant DNA Technology

Recombinant DNA technology used to express proteins has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for expanding our knowledge in biological sciences. The production of recombinant proteins generally requires the use of an expression vector or construct consisting of a plasmid and a gene insert. The plasmid usually contains two transcription factors one to drive the expression of the gene of interest the other to drive the expression of the resistance gene. Recombinant protein technology has provided important tools for scientists to achieve breakthroughs in medical research and treatments for a wide variety of disease states such as cancer, autoimmune and diabetes. 

Mammalian Protein Expression

In order to provide the most biologically active proteins, many of our proteins are expressed using mammalian host cells, allowing us to offer researchers the opportunity to use recombinant growth factors, cytokines and receptors that most resemble the native structure including post translational modifications such as glycosylation.

Expression of recombinant protein diagram

Why source your recombinant proteins from Leinco Technologies?

Leinco has 25+ years of experience providing researchers with biologically active recombinant proteins that produce reliable research data. In addition, Leinco provides custom services to express and purify any protein you may require to conduct world-class research. We also offer monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for most proteins. They are all produced in an animal-free, cGMP compliant facility under our ISO quality system.

  • Quality Testing – Our proteins are manufactured to meet highly stringent purity requirements and are extensively tested using established bioassays to ensure the highest level of biological activity.
  • Custom Protein Development Service – We can provide you with custom cloning, expression, purification, and formulation for off catalog proteins.
  • Custom Packaging and Bulk Recombinant proteins – Let us scale up your expression system and purification to provide you with bulk, custom packaged proteins.

Leinco’s Protein Specifications

  • >95% Purity for most proteins
  • Longer storage and stability
  • Bulk proteins re-assayed to assure high biological activity
  • All proteins are Carrier Free/Low Endotoxin
  • Order bulk amounts and save 10% or more