Sheath Fluid

For Cell Analysis & Cell Sorting Flow Cytometry

Leinco Technologies offers ClearflowTM Sheath Fluid, ClearSort TM Sorting Solutions, ClearflowTM Sheath Fluid with a Surfactant, HEPES Buffered Saline for cell sorting, and our PBS formulas which are all isotonic buffered solutions specially formulated to optimally transport cells through the fluidic pathways of instrumentation such as flow cytometers and cell sorters. All our sheath products are manufactured in our ISO 7 (class 10,000) biological clean rooms and are ultra-filtered to assure the lowest particulate count (SEE BELOW EXPERIMENTAL DATA) for minimizing fluorescence background and guaranteeing a higher signal to noise ratio measurement. Because of the complex hydrodynamic focusing technology of the instrumentation and depending on your experimental needs, choosing the correct sheath fluid solution is an important decision for a flow cytometry core manager or lab manager responsible for the optimal performance of their labs instrumentation.

For cell sorting applications, our HEPES buffered saline works great and is particular useful for high-pressure cell sorting as HEPES controls the pH better at high pressure compared to phosphate buffers. We have also shown that for certain cell type HEPES can help with post sort cell viability as well.

For Flow Cytometry analysis applications, our products have a small amount of 2-phenoxyethanol (2-PE) and EDTA which is used as a mild preservative cocktail to protect the instrumentation and core facility from any contamination. A detailed cleaning procedure and recommendation can be found in our Literature Library which should be considered along with the use of our sheath fluid products to minimize the potential for any contaminations. For high throughput screening (HTC) instruments developed by companies like Propel, Bio-Rad, and BD we have developed and have a great product with a surfactant, helping keep the system flowing by reducing the surface tension.

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Sizes / Price
Qty. Add to
P373 1X ClearSort Saline Solution NS
S648 1X ClearSort™ Sheath Fluid
S651 5X ClearFlow Analysis/Sorting Solution
S622 10X ClearFlow™ Sheath Fluid
S632 10X Preservative-Free ClearSort™ Sheath Fluid
S621 ClearFlow™ Sheath Fluid
S644 ClearFlow™ Sheath Fluid with Surfactant
H1679 HEPES buffered saline with EDTA (10X)
P364 PBS, 1X
P349 PBS, 10X

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