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Methods and Principles from our Scientific Staff

This user guide was developed by Leinco Technologies, the leader in sheath fluid and flow cytometry workflow solutions

1. Add Bleach To Tank

Place enough 10% Bleach in the empty tank so that you may rotate the tank and expose all inner surfaces with the lid closed.  Also coat valves on the outside.

2. Wait 1 hour

Allow to sit for at least one hour.

3. Rinse

Rinse tanks with sterile DI water at least 3 times including valves to remove bleach.

4. Spray Alcohol

Spray 95% ethanol on valves and inside of tank including aspiration tube within the sheath tank. 

5. Drain and Air Dry

Drain and allow to air dry completely over night in a sterile hood.

6. Use Sterile Concentrate

Fill sheath tank with sterile concentrate (Leinco Prod. No.: S632 or P349) and sterile DI water mixture per specification.