AlphaGrow™ SF Hybridoma

AlphaGrow™ SF Hybridoma

Product No.: M1413

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Storage and Handling
Store at 2-8° C. Do Not Freeze
Expiration Date
See C of A or lot specific datasheets


AlphaGrow™ SF Hybridoma is the industries’ premier serum free, animal origin free cell culture media for the growth of hybridoma cells and production of monoclonal antibodies without forfeiting cell viability or antibody expression. AlphaGrow™ has been designed using the minimum amount of defined recombinant proteins that are animal origin free which makes the use of fetal calf serum obsolete. The cost benefit analysis for the use of AlphaGrow™ makes it the most efficient cell culture media available for the culture of hybridoma cells and production of antibodies
• Provides the opportunity to eliminate lot to lot variability and the potential introduction of adventitious agents into cell cultures through the use of fetal calf serum
• Contains only defined recombinant proteins which are animal origin free
• Stabilizes the cost of cell culture media due to the continued upward economic trend for fetal calf serum
• Increases antibody production over classical media supplemented with fetal calf serum
• Improves technical difficulties and provides consistency with downstream purification
• Avoids regulatory and controversial ethics associated with fetal calf serum collection worldwide
(+) No Animal Origin Components
(+) Liquid Form
(+) Sterile
(+) pH 7.1-7.4
(+) L-glutamine
(+) Cell Type: Hybridoma, Myeloma
(+) Phenol Red pH Indicator
Directions for Use
See Leinco Technologies’ guidelines for sequential adaptation of hybridoma cells into AlphaGrow™ serum free, animal origin free media.

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