PNPP Stop Solution

pNPP Stop Solution

Product No.: P227

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Substrate and Assay Reagents

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Storage and Handling
Store at room temperature (25ºC). Refrigerated temperatures will not harm the reagent.


Stop Solution for pNPP is a proprietary dry-blend stop solution for use with AP substrates, such as pNPP and is compatible with our pNPP-based alkaline phosphatase substrate pNPP 1-Component AP Microwell Substrate. This product is suitable for all endpoint ELISAs using an AP substrate for color development of an AP-conjugate.

pNPP substrates react with alkaline phosphatase yielding a soluble yellow reaction product. Stop Solution for AP Substrates stabilizes the reaction for one hour and does not change the color or the absorbance of the yellow chromogen. The absorbance is read at 405 nm to 420 nm. Larger volumes are available upon request.
Directions for Use
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