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Store at 2-8° C. Do Not Freeze


UltraBlock-FISH™ is a proprietary non-mammalian formulation of low molecular weight fish proteins and stabilizers. UltraBlock-FISH™ was designed for direct ELISA and sandwich assays to minimize background problems. The non-mammalian formulation of UltraBlock-FISH™ makes this blocking buffer exceptionally effective when working with human and other mammalian samples due to the nonimmunogenic nature of the blocking proteins.
This blocking buffer was designed to block both the nonspecific binding sites on the plate bound protein and uncoated regions of the micro ELISA wells that are inaccessible to traditional mammalian blocking reagents. Another design feature of UltraBlock-FISH™ blocking buffer is minimization of antibody hindrance to key epitopes of the coated proteins, which results in increased signal to noise ratios.
Increased Signal to Noise Ratio – Smaller molecular weight blocking proteins allow for access to sites that are sterically inhibited by binding of larger blocking proteins, thus increasing signal to noise ratios.
Reduced Chances of False Positives – Non-mammalian blocking protein minimizes immunological interactions with assay samples to reduce background and the chances of false positives.
Ease of Use – A one component “Ready Use” formulation increases assay efficiency.
Extended Shelf Life – Proprietary stablizers in the formulation increase the product shelf life and enable storage at room temperature for up to 1 week.
Directions for Use
UltraBlock-FISH™ is a ready to use solution that needs no preparation or dilution. Once you have coated your micro ELISA plate with capture antibody or antigen, aspirate or dump out the coating solution and wash the plate 2-4 times. Pipette a volume greater than the coating solution volume but do not exceed 350 μl of UltraBlock-FISH™ per well and let it incubate for ≥3 hours in an incubator at 37°C.


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