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Product. No.G582
Alternate Names
Beta-Galactoside-Binding Lectin L-14-I, Galaptin, 14 kDa Lectin, S-LAC Lectin-1, LGALS1, GBP
Expression Host
E. coli
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Galectin-1 (LGALS1/Galaptin/L-14) is a protein from the family of beta-galactoside-binding proteins and is expressed in a variety of cells and tissues. Cell growth and activity are modulated by Galectin-1, either positively or negatively, depending on the cell type and activation status (1). It has been shown to interact with laminin, fibronectin, CD45, CD43, CD7, CD2 and CD3 (2). In addition, Galectin-1 induces apoptosis of activated T cells and T-leukemia cell lines and inhibits the protein phosphatase activity of CD45.

Protein Details

>97% by SDS-PAGE and analyzed by silver stain.
Endotoxin Level
<0.1 EU/µg as determined by the LAL method
Biological Activity
The biological activity of Human Galectin-1 was determined by its ability to agglutinate human red blood cells (Hadari, Y.R. et al., 2000, J. Cell Sci. 113:2385). The expected ED50 for this effect is typically 0.5 - 3 μg/mL.
Expression Host
E. coli
Protein Accession No.
Amino Acid Sequence
acglvasnl nlkpgeclrv rgevapdaks fvlnlgkdsn nlclhfnprf nahgdantiv cnskdggawg teqreavfpf qpgsvaevci tfdqanltvk lpdgyefkfp nrlnleainy maadgdfkik cvafd
N-terminal Sequence Analysis
State of Matter
Predicted Molecular Mass
The predicted molecular weight of Recombinant Human Galectin-1 is Mr 15 kDa.
This recombinant protein was 0.2 µm filtered and lyophilized from modified Dulbecco’s phosphate buffered saline (1X PBS), 4 mM β-mercaptoethanol (βME) containing 50 µg of BSA per 1 µg of cytokine.
Storage and Stability
This lyophilized protein is stable for six to twelve months when stored desiccated at -20°C to -70°C. After aseptic reconstitution, this protein may be stored at 2°C to 8°C for one month or at -20°C to -70°C in a manual defrost freezer. Avoid Repeated Freeze Thaw Cycles. See Product Insert for exact lot specific storage instructions.
Country of Origin
Next Day Ambient
NCBI Gene Bank

References & Citations

1. Rabinovich, A. et al. (2002) Trends in Immunol. 23:313
2. Hughes, RC. et al. (2001) Biochemie 83:667
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