UltraBlock-Casein™ Phosphate Buffered Saline 5X

UltraBlock-Casein™ Phosphate Buffered Saline 5X

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Substrate and Assay Reagents

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Storage and Handling
Store at 2-8°C
Expiration Date
2 years from date of receipt when stored at 2-8°C


UltraBlock-Casein™ Phosphate Buffer Saline Blocking Buffer/Diluent is a proprietary formulation of many phosphoserine groups that function to bind Ca2+. This reagent may be used as a blocking buffer for direct and sandwich ELISA’s or as a diluent for all immunoassays. The buffer will minimize non-specific binding of secondary reagents to one another and with the plate bound protein. The small molecular weight of casein also provides blocking of uncoated regions of the micro ELISA wells that are inaccessible to traditional mammalian blocking reagents, such as BSA
Increased Signal to Noise Ratio – Smaller molecular weight blocking proteins allow for access to sites that are sterically inhibited by binding of larger blocking proteins, thus increasing signal to noise ratios.
Ease of Use – Simply add 1 part UltraBlock-CaseinTM PBS Blocking Buffer/Diluent to 4 parts high purity deionized water. Following dilution, the buffer is ready to use.
Extended Shelf Life – UltraBlock-CaseinTM PBS Blocking Buffer/Diluent is stable for a minimum of 2 years when stored at 2° - 8°C
Directions for Use
Preparation: Add 1 part UltraBlock-CaseinTM PBS Blocking Buffer/Diluent to 4 parts high purity deionized water. To minimize the risk of contamination a fresh working solution should be made each day. If aseptic techniques are used during preparation, unused working solutions may be stored at 2° - 8°C.
As Blocking Buffer: Once you have coated your micro ELISA plate(s) with capture antibody or antigen, aspirate or dump out the coating solution and wash the plate 2-4 times. Pipette a volume greater than the coating solution volume, but not to exceed 350 µl of 1X UltraBlock-CaseinTM PBS Blocking Buffer per well and let it incubate for >3 hours in an incubator at 37°C.
As Diluent: Simply dilute your antigen or antibody to the desired concentration in 1X UltraBlock-CaseinTM PBS Diluent.

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