Seasonal and respiratory infections are illnesses that tend to occur predominantly during specific times of the year, typically associated with changes in weather or environmental conditions. These can include such diseases as influenza, common colds, and seasonal allergies. While not all seasonal diseases are respiratory in nature, cold and dry conditions during the winter provide favorable conditions for the survival and transmission of respiratory viruses.

Influenza A (Flu A)
(Seasonal and pandemic influenza)

Capture: F613 (clone 274)
Detection: F604 (clone 657)
Confirmed for Lateral Flow and ELISA
(Check out our case study here)

Capture: F616 (clone IA-3808)
(reactive with >50 isolates from H1-H14) (Self pairs in lateral flow)
Detection: F617 (clone IA-902)
Confirmed for Lateral Flow, ELISA, and Immunofluorescence (F616)

Influenza B (Flu B)
(Seasonal influenza)

Capture: F652 (clone IB-6334)
Detection: F651 (clone IB-5014)
Confirmed for Lateral Flow and Immunofluorescence


Capture: F656 (clone AV-3670)
Detection: F657 (clone AV-1389)

Human Metapneumovirus (HMPV)

Capture: M223 (clone HMPV-2713)
Detection: M224 (clone HMPV-2160)

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Confirmed for ELISA using Recombinant RSV-F protein (R602)

Clone 14N4 (LT558)

Prod. No. Clone
Self Pairing LT558 14N4
Capture LT558 14N4
Detection LT556 3M3
Capture LT558 14N4
Detection LT559 12I1
Capture LT558 14N4
Detection R190 Palivizumab