Goat Anti-Armenian Hamster IgG (H&L) (Adsorbed Against: Ms., Hu., Rt., Rb., Bv.) – Purified

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Secondary Antibody
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A124-1.0 mg
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Antibody Details

Reactivity Species
Armenian Hamster
Host Species
Purified Armenian Hamster IgG (H&L) (>98%)
Product Concentration
1.2 mg/ml
This secondary antibody is formulated in sterile 0.01M phosphate buffered saline (PBS) pH 7.6 containing 0.25M NaCl.
Storage and Handling
This antibody is stable for at least one year when stored sterile at 2-8°C. For long term storage aseptically aliquot in working volumes without diluting and store at -20°C in a manual defrost freezer. Avoid Repeated Freeze Thaw Cycles.
Expiration Date
One year from date of receipt
Applications and Recommended Usage ?
(Quality Tested by Leinco)
Indirect ELISA:

Flow Cytometry: This antibody has been quality control tested by immunofluorescent staining with flow cytometric analysis. For immunofluorescent staining, the suggested use of this reagent is ≤0.25 µg per million cells in 100 µl volume. Each investigator should determine their own optimal working dilution for specific applications.

Western Blotting: Bit1 antibody can be used for the detection of Bit1 by Western blot at 1 - 4 μg/mL.

Flow Cytometry: 1234

Immunocytochemistry: 1234

Goat Anti-Armenian Hamster IgG (H&L) recognizes Armenian Hamster IgG heavy and light chains. This secondary antibody was purified using antigen affinity chromatography and adsorbed against serum proteins and immunoglobulins to minimize species cross-reactivity.

Antigen Details

IgG (H&L)
Products are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.