UltraStable™ – HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian (1X)

UltraStable™ – HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian (1X)

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Substrate and Assay Reagents

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Storage and Handling
Store at 2-8°C
Country of Origin
Next Day 2-8°C


UltraStable™ - HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian (1X) preserves the activity of HRP-protein conjugates during storage, reconstitution, and immunoassay use. This HRP stabilizer can be used to store concentrated stock HRP conjugates, reconstitute lyophilized conjugates, and dilute HRP conjugated antibodies to their useful working titer in ELISA tests and immunology-based techniques. HRP Conjugate Stabilizer is especially suited for ELISAs using anti-IgG HRP conjugates within traditional antigen-down or antibody sandwich formats. Additional components may be added to HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X to optimize it for particular ELISA format compositions or for use in other immunological techniques. Antimicrobial agents are included to retard bacterial growth
Directions for Use
1. Protect the HRP conjugate stabilizer from light. This may be done by covering the container with aluminum foil.
2. Add the HRP-conjugated protein at the target concentration to HRP Conjugate Stabilizer. For example, if diluting an HRP-conjugated antibody 1:5000, add 10 μL conjugate stock to 49.99 mL HRP Conjugate Stabilizer.
3. Mix for 15 minutes.
4. Use the diluted HRP conjugate in the immunoassay.
5. Store remaining HRP conjugate solution at 2-8°C. Protect from direct exposure to light.
Each investigator should determine their own optimal working dilution for specific applications. See directions on lot specific datasheets, as information may periodically change.
Disclaimer AlertProducts are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.